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Submit pre-conference workshops by April 22. Click for more details.

Submit symposia by April 22. Click for more details.

View online or Submission for oral presentations, posters, and conference workshops opens August 2013.

Oral & Poster

Opens July 2013!

Opens July 2013!

Conference sessions include pre-conference workshops, plenaries, symposia, oral presentations, poster presentations, conference workshops, and more!

Theme groups will update their consensus statements and recommendations formulated

at Ottawa 2010.

Coming soon!

Theme groups will organise a symposium in which the audience will be asked to participate and add to the reports

Organising and conference committee information

See where the Ottawa conference has been held in the past and where the 2016 Ottawa Conference will be held.

Organised tours in and around Ottawa

Register online now!

Check here for all you need to know about how to get here, where to find tourist information, and many other handy tips that'll help make your trip as pleasant as possible.

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